Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or to ask any other questions.

On average, if the order is placed at the same time as payment, the order is processed in 3 working days.

Orders are processed upon receipt of payment with a credit card and Pay Pal payment. The payment verification is instantaneous: therefore the order is shipped the day after receipt. The bank transfer normally requires 2/3 days for the verification of collection.

Tompoma’s policy is “satisfied or refunded”. The only cost borne by the customer is the return shipment.

Tompoma design is unique and different from all other products. It is this particular design that makes Tompoma so special, so much better: safer (the tube is perpendicular to the ground when loading weight, thus reducing the possibility of slipping); less tiring (less energy is needed to take steps with Tompoma); more practical (when not in use, it rests easily without falling).

Tompoma products are guaranteed by international regulations. Anyway, if you are not satisfied with Tompoma you will be refunded.

The only maintenance required is occasional cleaning with non-aggressive products, periodic inspection and possible replacement of parts subject to wear and tear, especially the rubber ferrules. In the event of contact with seawater or saltiness, it is recommended to timely wash it with fresh water.

Tompoma products purchased online can be paid by credit card, Pay Pal or bank transfer. You can learn more by clicking here.

All over Europe. For non-European countries, please contact us by email as there may be special legislation.

On request, it is possible to agree on extraordinary maintenance depending on the customer’s requests, for example: replacing handgrips, having adhesive coatings applied, agreeing on special finishes.

In the Tompoma SHOP section, information and types of users are provided inside the products. If you have any doubts, you can contact us by email or phone or you can try our online test to find the best TOMPOMA for you!

Tompoma are orthopaedic aids and therefore deductible from your income. Tompoma also benefit from a 4% reduced VAT rate.

Of course, you can! Click here to find Tompoma shops. If you can’t find a shop near you, please note that Tompoma offers a “satisfied or refunded” service.

Adhesive coatings are designed to do just that! You can buy them at any time and apply them easily. To help you do this, please see the tutorial at ….. Please note that if you have chosen the all-metal model, only the cuff can be covered with adhesive coatings, otherwise only the tubes can be coated.


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