Tompoma’s story is the story of Renato Brignone – disabled by birth. Tompoma’s story has turned a limit into a chance. The chance of creating a product capable of solving life’s problems – of short or long term – of people like Renato who need crutches to move in their everyday routine. Tompoma was therefore born from the urgent need of creating a real long-lasting product. In short: Tompoma is the one crutch that does improve your day and users’ movement. Concerning design and safety, it is the very best that the aids world can offer. Tompoma is not a crutch. Tompoma is Tompoma. Unique, just like its story. Let’s give it a read!

Renato Brignone

Renato Brignone

So that’s how it all started: Renato and Elisa – architect and Renato’s partner – are having a beer during a warm spring evening by Lake Maggiore. It’s 2002. They are talking about the dramatic progress of vision aids including the fact that those are fine design products. Renato and Elisa start drawing crutches on a paper coaster. The very first Tompoma model was born on that paper coaster.

In summer 2002, Renato climbed Monte Rosa with a pair of reinforced forearm crutches. Two weeks after the climb, the crutches broke. That’s the time when Renato decides that the sketches drawn on the paper coaster must become a real product and so the prototypes were born.

In a few years, the first titanium Tompoma are on the market: extremely resistant, high-performance and beautiful at last! But unfortunately, highly expensive. Maintaining top quality in lower prices products is Tompoma will. After several tests, the 7075 aluminium alloy model is ready. The price is much more affordable and the product’s quality is as good as the aluminium one. Tompoma goes on aiming to industrialise production processes to make Tompoma within everyone’s reach. At that point, Tompoma needs someone with broad shoulders that believes in the project. Gruppo Altair believes that Tompoma is worthwhile and so it starts the third stage: the industrialization of production processes. Going beyond craftwork, the first mass production starts treasuring a long story of products and materials knowledge. Today Tompoma is on the market with a highly competitive product thanks to its price and the keeping of quality materials over the years thus setting a new standard. Today we can say that crutches are the past, Tompoma is the future.

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TOMPOMA is always there for you for maintenance assistance and useful ferrules for your Tompoma care and use after the purchase.