Time to change? No problem: when you remove the coating it does not leave any residue on the tubes so that they can be coated again with a new one!

Coatings are provided in pairs, pre-cut and easy to apply on the aluminium parts of the crutch. They are useful to protect the tubes and parts most exposed to everyday scraping since they resist UV rays and scratches.

Some tips on how to do it? Before customising your Tompoma, use it for a few days to adjust it to the millimetre and then start applying the coating. Watch the tutorial to find out how to use the stickers. It is essential to choose the coating specifying the model to customise.


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Who said that crutches must be unicolour and like every other? Don’t give up on style, find out Tompoma coatings!

Thanks to the help of top designers, Tompoma has realised adhesive coatings to customise your items to your taste. Choose your decoration among different colourful, geometric and decorative patterns available and unleash your creativity!