DOC is the Tompoma walking stick that stands out as its brand unique characteristics. With DOC elegance meets lightness. This model can be adjusted to the millimetre and set up by choosing among the 4 Tompoma handgrips and the most suitable ferrule to use on the usual ground. Extremely resistant and lightweight, it is made of aluminium alloys and approved to 150kg resistance.


SKU: mod. DOC

The DOC walking Stick has all Tompoma products futures : it is elegant, lightweight, millimetric adjustable and the customer can choose the most suitable handgrips and rubber tips for their use.


In order to be able to select the best TOMPOMA that best suits the user’s body, we invite you to consult these size specifications::

  • S: user tall from 150 to 160cm; tube length 65cm
  • M: user tall from 161 to 170cm; tube length 70cm
  • L: user tall from 171 to 184cm; tube length 75cm
  • XL: user tall from 185 to 200cm; tube length 85cm


Refer to this short guide to choose the best Tompoma for your needs and to best set up the handgrip of your new Tompoma:

  • EVA RECTANGULAR SHAPE: high-density rectangular shape EVA handgrip is conceived to be perfectly comfortable for your hand and a good grip. Aesthetically pleasing thanks to the curved features of the “Z” Tompoma left exposed
  • EVA OBLIQUE CUT: oblique cut Eva handgrip allows to have a greater surface of support
  • CORK RIBBON: cork ribbon handgrip ensures a comfortable grip with a smaller diameter compared to EVA models
  • EXTRA COMFORT: extra comfort handgrip consists of a rectangular shape EVA handgrip coated with cork ribbon, the perfect and comfortable solution for big hands


Refer to this short guide to choose the best ferrules for your needs to best set up your new Tompoma:

  • SMALL: small ferrules are lighter than the standard ones and less soft when touching the ground even though the rubber and grip quality is very high
  • NORMAL: Tompoma ferrules are realised with a special blend that ensures a strong grip and an unlimited life. That’s why your Tompoma always perform at their best on any terrain. Normal grips have a 22mm diameter and are suitable for all Tompoma models
  • LARGE: Tompoma ferrules for crutches stand out as grip, stability and flexibility. The part of the ferrule that touches the ground works as the tyre of an off-road vehicle increasing its grip to the ground. Inside the ferrule, there is an anti-drilling steel disc that protects the rubber and increases the ferrule life


Do you want to customise your new Tompoma?


Do you know that you can choose stickers from our well-stock sample case? Have fun customising your Tompoma and replace the stickers to have a real eye-catcher!


Technical sheet

The DOC cane is realised with T6 aluminium tube, 24mm diameter, 1,5mm thickness, high-performance 7075 aluminium handgrip

Overall weight: 380g/item
Approval: 150kg/item
T6 aluminium tube, 24mm diameter, 1,5mm thickness
Adjustable to the millimetre
High-performance 7000 aluminium handgrip
It fits 3 types of ferrules: hard, soft, large

The DOC cane can be customised with tubes adhesive coatings